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About Carol S. Scudere

Carol S. Scudere has been a true entrepreneur, pioneer, and owner of many first-of-their-kind companies. She has written and published two books. She has been a business owner for 30+ years and President of three corporations; an independent interior designer/florist shop owner (10 years); and a Household Manager and private Household Manager Instructor (15 years). Even today, she is always thinking about something new and recently patented a new invention for the medical industry.

training1She has provided hands-on care for homes ranging from 6,000 sq. ft. to 60,000 sq. ft. With her experience in training and placing World Class Household Staff, Ms. Scudere has become a nationally consulted resource for a variety of companies, magazines, and individual homeowners. In addition to being recognized by a multitude of national publications (such as Redbook, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times) for her training and placement successes, Condé Nast House and Garden has said, “Scudere’s lessons are invaluable.”

As the proud Founder and Owner of Professional Domestic Services (established in 1991), one of the leading placement agencies in the country; the Founder, Owner, and Director of Professional Domestic Institute, one of only a few schools in the world to offer training of Professional Household Managers and Staff; the first to provide a Certification Program for Estate Housekeepers; the Founder of the International Institute of Household Management and Staffing, the first international home study program available for Household Managers, Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, and Estate Housekeepers (and the first to provide training worldwide through such a program); and the Publisher of the Domestic Connection Newsletter, Ms. Scudere is driven to enlighten others on the ennobling aspects involved in rendering sterling service.

Ms. Scudere is in her second decade of placing and training the highest quality household staff, and she is continually sharing her experience and expertise with those willing to learn. As one compelled to better the lives of others, Ms. Scudere has devoted her life to educating those individuals with a true service heart on the ways to provide the utmost in special care, pampering, and definitive World Class Service.

Along with a growing staff of educators, advisors, and consultants, Professional Domestic Institute provides their students with a team of “true professionals.” This indisputably makes Professional Domestic Services and Professional Domestic Institute the epitome of leaders in setting, maintaining, and surpassing the standards of excellence in providing superior Household Staff for the discriminating families of today.