The Practice Of Household Management…

training1Professional Domestic Institute’s method of Household Management is designed to make the working life of the Certified Professional Household Manager, Administrative Household Manager, Personal Assistant, or Estate Housekeeper more efficient. We do this through a methodical approach to running and maintaining a household.

  • First, we show you how to identify all the needs of your employer and their household.
  • Second, we give you a structure for housekeeping and household administration that will allow you to accomplish all tasks in a time-effective manner, which can be adapted to any household.
  • Finally, we teach you how to carry out this structure, always being mindful of your employer’s specific wants and needs.
    You will be able to tailor your routines to your own work situation to provide “World Class Service” to your employer. At the Institute, we will furnish the instruction you need to capably execute your duties as a household staff member for the individual needs of your employer’s household. With Ms. Scudere’s 40 years’ experience in the hands-on care and management of homes, along with her 30+ years of business ownership, you can trust that you are receiving relevant instruction in the nurturing of “Today’s Homes and Families.” Her methods and lessons are nationally renowned.

training3Our method involves knowing what to look for when you first enter a home. We show you how to use all your senses to identify the top priorities in that particular home. We then explain how to organize your time in order to accomplish all the priorities you have identified. Not only will you be able to know what must be finished that day, but you will be confident that future tasks will be accomplished in the weeks and months that follow. If your responsibilities are administrative, we will show you how to effectively hire, train, supervise, and communicate with other staff. You will also learn how to set the tone for the entire household.

Most of all, you will be able to effectively communicate with and relate to your employer, thus laying the groundwork for a service relationship in which you are constantly motivated to cater graciously to your employer’s needs.

We hope that you can see the challenge involved both in the profession and in our curriculum. The Institute aims to make you a connoisseur of household service, not merely a “worker.” To succeed, you will need determination, dedication, belief in yourself and in your work, and a deep desire to succeed. The right attitude and service heart will make a great deal of difference.