Why Choose Us?

checkboxWe must be doing something right, with the thousands of requests we get every year for information about our applicants and students, and the wide selection of employment positions we have for our applicants and graduates.


checkboxWith over 30 years of experience, thousands of hours of research, and the help of hundreds of professionals, experienced employees and employers, we are able to offer you the most concise educational experience offered by any school in the world for Professional Household Staff.


checkboxThe staff of Professional Domestic Institute is continuously evaluating, updating and improving their abilities and methods in order to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of today’s employers.


checkboxWe pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of curricula, expansive household possessions, up-to-date equipment for your use, and selected homes in which to perfect your abilities as well as our new training house. Your professional consultants and trained instructors will be sharing a wealth of experience with you. All of this will provide you with the most comprehensive and educational experience available, allowing you to create “World Class Service” for Today’s Homes and Families.

checkboxWe are the first school of our kind to offer an Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant/Estate Manager Course, and has proven to be very successful in the experiences it provides our students.

checkboxWe are the first school of our kind to offer a Home Study Course in addition to training at our Institute. Our Home Study Course offers the same quality text materials (up to 2000 pages with photos, DVDs, textbooks, etc.) that we use at our State Certified School, for students that are unable to attend our Institute.
Our philosophy is unique in that we believe you cannot successfully supervise staff unless you understand their responsibilities and can fully instruct them. This also allows you to hire staff better suited for your employer’s needs.

checkboxWe provide a real-life situation for you to practice your new skills on—“your employer” actually lives in the home you care for with all the day-to-day life experiences, including guests staying overnight, large and small dinner parties, pet care, contractors and vendors in and out, construction projects in progress, purchasing for the estate.

checkboxWe don’t train military personnel with civilians for the following reasons:

  • Different learning curve.
  • You will work for different types of employers.
  • Military personnel serve generals and other high-ranking officials who don’t live in multi-million dollar homes and have lots of formal affairs, who don’t own yachts or private planes, who do not have multiple homes, and whose homes are not elaborately furnished
  • When you work for civilian employers, you may work for people who are Fortune 500 CEO’s, multi-millionaires, billionaires, famous individuals, movie stars and the like, who may have multiple homes that are definitely elaborately furnished.
  • They didn’t have to pay for their training, so they may not put forth the same type of effort. They may not have the same motivation to succeed as you do.

checkboxWe don’t believe that adult individuals should share bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens (with up to 12+ ) with individuals they do not know, and then attend classes with them for 8 weeks/24 hours a day. Students attending Professional Domestic Services stay in private homes or corporate apartments approximately 10 to 15 minutes from the Institute and Estate. Many of our students share beautiful two bedroom corporate apartments in order to save on expenses. Some of these apartments allow for small pets, have swimming pools and free access to exercise facilities, have private laundry facilities in each apartment, etc.


checkboxWe limit our classes to no more than 8 individuals so that we can provide better one-on-one instruction when needed. Because of our successful training methods, we have an impeccable record of placing our students in their desired positions.


checkboxUpon graduation, we challenge any experienced professional or graduate from any other program to match your knowledge! That’s how convinced we are about our program, abilities, staff and consultants.


checkboxWhy wait any longer to enjoy your new career in this growing profession? To improve your current situation and/or abilities, you are limited only by the restraints you place on yourself. Most of our students find that the cost of the program is usually returned to them in their first year of employment. Our extensive program offers you the ability to meet your new chosen profession with the confidence of a “seasoned” professional.