Your PDI Instructors and Courses…

food2Your experience at Professional Domestic Institute will include up to 25 different instructors/professionals who collaborate to help contribute real-life situations, outings, and text materials to our programs. Our instructors are among the most highly regarded experts in their fields in the industry. They may include industry professionals, a former high-ranking FBI agent, a national speaker, a wine connoisseur, a psychologist, a leather care expert, a minister, accomplished chefs, a registered dietician, experienced and Certified Household Managers, an expert in art conservation, a veterinarian, an attorney, a horticulturist, and much more! These professionals share their knowledge with you and offer you many of the tools you will find essential for successfully providing the utmost in quality service to your future employers.

We are privileged to provide you with many opportunities for professional growth, such as:

  • Hands-on practicum to help you feel comfortable and confident in your new and enhanced skills
  • A wide variety of homes, ranging from historic mansions to modern estates, which will offer you an array of experiences in cleaning and caring techniques to prepare you for any employment situation
  • A unique variety of outings, including visits to gourmet and organic food markets catering to affluent consumers, the nation’s largest silver restorer, wholesale supply companies, upscale boutiques and stores, etc., all to enhance your knowledge of the wealthy lifestyle

No other school offers more information: we have over 2,000 pages of extensively researched, copyrighted text materials for the professional household staff, offering solutions to nearly every conceivable domestic dilemma. The text materials include:

  • Photos portraying many genuine procedures for the care of wealthy homes
  • Anecdotes revealing real-life experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned by actual household professionals
  • Continually updated information on the very best techniques for the care of a home and family of wealth

…plus much more. These text materials are the professional household staff’s bible!

We know you will find our instructors to be caring and knowledgeable, and you will find the comprehensive coursework provided at Professional Domestic Institute to be unsurpassed! Our materials will be valuable to you not only during your schooling, but also after your education has been completed. In your possession will be the most complete set of Home Reference Materials available anywhere, ready to be referred to again and again.

We can think of no better way to ensure that you can carry the lessons you have learned at Professional Domestic Institute with you to any employment situation. Your education will provide the foundation of success in the household service profession, upon which you will build employment experience and lifelong learning!

PDI Graduates Provide World Class Service for World Class Families